Our Philosophy: RIDPA believes in participatory approaches in initiating and running its activities. We don’t just work for the community; we work with the community as partners. We also believe in networking with other organizations, foundations, churches, and individuals.

Hill view of Sodoma, Tanzania

Hill view of Sodoma, Tanzania

The Rural Integrated Development Program of Africa (RIDPA) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. RIDPA was formed in 1998, and currently operates primarily in rural areas of Tanzania and Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). RIDPA is based in Minneapolis, MN.

RIDPA was formed to provide assistance to children, orphans, widows, and others dealing with extreme health problems and poverty in rural Africa. RIDPA strives to improve social conditions of impoverished people and to bring humanitarian relief to persons living in villages and refugee camps in DRC and Tanzania. The primary focuses of RIDPA include:

  •  Healthcare
  •  Education
  •  Agriculture
  •  Women’s Rights
  •  Street children, orphans, and widows
Click here for a recent (2012) update: Educational Report in Tanzania by Rural Development Program of Africa

Through donations and volunteers, RIDPA is able to assist families in poverty to help improve their social and economic conditions. RIDPA seeks contributions from individuals, churches, religious organizations, and foundations to meet their goals.

Board Of Members:

1. Bukwe Bitangacha
2. Tim Gurr
3. Sara Foshar
4. Toni Ramos
5. Anna Dossen
6. Richard Basengezi
7. Ndume Ibochwa
8. Kisongo Mbeleulu

Our Partners:

1. CoonRapids UMC
2. Samaritan Netherlands
3. Global Citizen International
4. Mothers Bears Project
5. Hamline University
6. Concordia University in Moorhead MN
7. Love in Action
8. Fifty Lanterns
9. Good Samaritan UMC



Join RIDPA: Membership is open to any person 18 years or older of sound mind who is willing to share knowledge, skills, and participate fully in the preservation of the environment and poverty alleviation.



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AfricaTime: Le rendez-vous de l’Afrique sur Internet. (A portal to newspapers, online publications and periodicals for many African countries including those RIDPA serves. In French.)

AWID International: The Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID).

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