Educational Report in Tanzania by RIDPA


Living Stone School Building

RIDPA is currently working in Tanzania to build the Living Stone School

The Kigoma Region is located on the shores of Lake Tanganyika on the Northwest corner of Tanzania. The region is located between longitudes 29.5 and 3.1 east and latitudes 3.5 and 6.5 south. This region shares boundaries with Burundi, Kagera region to the North, Tabora region to the East, The Democratic Republic of Congo to the west and Rukwa region to the South. The Kigoma region is divided in four districts with 19 wards, Kibirizi, Bangwe, Gungu, Kitongoni, Rubuga, Kasingirima, Mayang, Mwanga South, Mwanga North, Kimpapa, Katubuka, Buhanda, Businde and so forth.

Educational system

Infrastructure is a very important ingredient in education. Primary schools need adequate supplies, classrooms and qualified teachers. In Kigoma, schools do not have the required infrastructure; Classroom shortage is a very real problem in Kigoma; In some areas classes are filled over capacity. As many as 100 pupils are packed in 45 capacity classrooms.

In the 1998Census conducted in Tanzania, the Kigoma region ranked 15th in illiteracy rate among the 20 surveyed. Therefore, there is still a lot to be done to catch up with other regions. Help us eradicate illiteracy in kigoma. Kigoma region is historically the most underdeveloped as far as secondary education, college and primary education are concerned. Currently Kigoma is counting 48 primary schools, 25 kindergarten schools, which are not operating properly due to lack of means. Among the 19 wards each one has 1 to 3 secondary schools. For example,

Area No. of schools Area No. of schools
Kibirizi 3 Mwanga north 1
Katubuka 0 Buhanda 1
Bangwe 3 Businde 0
Gungu 2 Rubuga 1
Kitongoni 1 Kasingirima 1
Kipampa 1 Mayang 1
Rusimbi 1
Mwanga south 4


Zero college or Universities exist. Therefore, the number of schools listed in this report is not enough; so many people have no access to education because of the limited number of schools. Secondly, the existing schools are charging very high amount of school fees which make kids from poor families drop school in earlier age.

Needs Assessment

Kigoma kids are walking miles before they reach school. Therefore, the school bus , daily meals, and school materials is very needed; including kids health care as many parents are not in good position to support their kids’ education due to lack of means. Currently the Rural Integrated Development Program for Africa (RIDPA) is building two classrooms in the Kigoma region. Although still under construction, these classrooms are expected to be completed by 2010. Four additional classrooms are schedule to be built. In 2012 and 2013. Our plan is to have six classrooms according to the Tanzania government requirement. This will allow us to offer better education to kids especially those living in poorest families. Please find in annex the estimated cost of building material. Therefore, we appear to people to join us in this effort, and we thank every one who has contributed to make our endeavor possible. We need your prayers and financial support to finish the undergoing project and accept our invitation to Kigoma Tanzania just for tour assessment which

We believe will give you an idea and determine how best you can serve the communities. Beside that, you will also enjoy visiting the Mahale and Gombe National, and the the place where Dr Livingston and Stanley met under the mango tree. Please contact us to help support the kids’ education.



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