RIDPA Mission

Mission Statement

The mission of the Rural Integrated Development Program of Africa (RIDPA) is:

The President of RIDPA, Bukwe E. Bitangacha, addresses the congregation at the Minnehaha United Methodist Church

The President of RIDPA, Bukwe E. Bitangacha, addresses the congregation at the Minnehaha United Methodist Church

a) To participate in and promote all positive aspects of education and skills development

b) To strive against bad sanitary conditions and improve medical conditions by making viable small and big medical facilities in rural areas, establish, promote, manage and operate PRINT and ELECTRONIC media communication facilities for educational outreach programmers and other related activities.

c) To build medical facilities (hospital dispensaries clinic and other allied facilities), improve existing hospitals conditions, create orphans’ centers, help handicaps, and work hand in hand with religious organizations as well as other NGOs and CBOs in order to help the non-affluent families, training communities how to improve their sanitary condition, engage and participate in building cooperation in various aspects focusing on empowering people access to available facilities in the Global market

d) To participate and promote all aspects of economy, agriculture, social and heath including family health education, construction of economic centers, social centers and dispensaries and health centers, in the rural areas, research on all allied matters and other activities

e) To promote and support underprivileged communities both in the rural and urban areas for the purpose of improving their welfare. To promote in the communities ideas of social, cultural and economic interaction, self –help spirit and support their initiatives in self employment, as well as any effort towards poverty eradication, development and improvement of the quality of their lives. To institute training skills in management and adoption of appropriate technology, and to promote awareness and training in care and conservation of environment. Also to promote and support means in the establishment and development of education, health and other community development projects.

f) To undertake and promote empirical development surveys, researches and publications, studies and appraisals that may lead to identifying the problems and solution of the socially and economically marginalized communities. These development researches/appraisals should form the basis for project formulation, evaluation and development

g) To promote capacity building in the communities, to build capacity of the locally based organizations user groups, organization development, financial management and monitoring and evaluation of their development projects.

Such activities may include training workshops, exchange visits, short courses, seminars and other community education programs, within and outside Africa.

h) To offer advisory and consultancy services on development issues such as planning, implementation, management and operation, organizational development and project evaluation

Bukwe (center) with mission committee members at the Good Samaritan United Methodist Church

Bukwe (center) with mission committee members at the Good Samaritan United Methodist Church

i) To mobilize resources locally and externally to be used for development activities, including establishment of education institutions such as kindergartens, primary, secondary schools, colleges, universities and other institutions of higher learning for the betterment of education among the people in the country

j) To invest the resources in viable projects, which generate funds to be used for the promotion of the welfare and advancement of the needy

k) To establish “revolving fund” which will provide interest free loans to youth groups, women groups and individuals to help them to start and operate income generating activities including petty business, poultry keeping, diary cattle, bee keeping, handcrafts, gardening and other types of income generating activities.

l) To initiate, undertake and support income generating activities in order to promote economic empowerment among the needy in the country.

m) To assist in establishment of community development centers and other projects necessary for socio-economic and cultural activities in the country.

n) To promote and facilitate meaningful participation of communities in all activities related to health, development, gender awareness and prevention of disease and drug abuse

o) To promote the spirit of volunteerism in community services, including care for the orphans, street children and the distressed.

p) To promote environmental development, conservation and protection in the country. To promote public awareness and protection against water pollution and damage to marine ecology in the country.

q) To urge NGOs, donors, countries and international organizations to support the implementation of these objects by providing funds and /or participating in one way or another, in project implementation

r) To collaborate and co-ordinate with relevant Government bodies, Non-Government Organizations, companies and individuals, to enhance efforts towards eradication of poverty in the country.

Working Together

RIDPA employees strive to assist real people with their everyday needs. We work with volunteers from communities to assist families in poverty and refugees to improve their social and economic conditions.

We derive our funding from contributions from everyday people such as you. Due to urgent need, RIDPA also seeks assistance and partnerships with churches, social ministries, religious organizations, and other non-government organizations including foundations and companies. All contributions are tax deductible.

An Invitation

We appeal to your compassion in assisting our mission to help the people that need our help desperately. God desires that His human creation be safe and well. Your contributions will bring into fruition a partnership for His glory. Our request to you is to share in his work with your financial contribution.

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